Saturday, January 25, 2014

Scavenger Hunting Kunming

Our Program asked us to complete some tasks in Kunming by giving us hints about certain places. We had to document everything with pictures and I thought I would post the best ones here.

1- Working Out! These "playgrounds for adults" can be found all over Chinese cities. In the early morning hours you will find mostly older people spinning the wheels, pushing bars around, or simply swinging their arms around and slapping their limbs. Its truly a great scene to watch, because as silly as it might look, it keeps them fit!

2- Yuan Tong Temple! One of the oldest ones in Kunming and truly beautiful.

3- LaDuzi Medicine! (Diarrhea Medicine) It had to be from a traditional medicine store so I walked in and ask if they could write me down some prescriptions.

4- Goat Cheese! This stuff is simply amazing. Gets me every time. Slightly crispy on the outside with a mild taste. Simply dipped into salt with a little bit of pepper and its perfect!

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