Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I am sure you are not aware of this, but at the end of this week is Chinese new year. I have successfully put off all of my memorization homework to pack for my very exciting trip, which I will be starting tomorrow. My old host family from my first trip to Kunming invited me to come with them to their home village in Luxi County. I am extremely excited to experience a REAL Chinese new year. I am putting real in all caps, because I am pretty sure that I will be the only foreigner in the village. I was told there are limited shower options, which really just adds to the excitement. This being said I won't bring my computer with me and fully immerse myself into this wonderful culture.
I have absolutely no idea what to expect...

I will post pictures and write more when I am back next week. Until then I am going to eat A LOT and think of all of you. I wish you a great start into the year of the horse. It is a year that promises to bring many great things.

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