Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Crazy things that Blow my mind

First topic:

 I know we sometimes get annoyed by the "constant" advertisements in the US. But China takes (as many things) also this to the next level.  
My office is on the 60-something floor and when I look out of the window to look for some green patches in the far distance I see a HUGE plasma tv  on the next highriser with adds playing.
Elevators, Taxis, Subway, Bus, Restaurants EVERYWHERE are adds. I mean I am pretty lucky since I don't understand a lot but I am seriously overwhelmed with the screens I see everywhere. In the subway it is honestly impossible not to look at a screen and watch adds. Even if you are waiting for the Metro to arrive you here adds playing in the back ground.
And as if that is not enough Chinese people have 7 different blogging, socializing, texting applications that really make sure that the eyes are constantly glued to a screen. 

Next topic:

GARDENS! The definition drives me crazy here! In front of the building in which I live if a "Garden". The only garden-thing I can see in there is the frog noises a speaker is making at night. You might expect grass to be somewhere - but let me tell you. wait for it....... there is NONE!

Another Topic:

Self image. In one of my classes I taught about the self image and asked the girls to make a list with adjectives they think boys will like in them. Here is what they wrote down:

- Rich
- White
- Tall
- Uneducated
- Housewise
- no feminism
- submissive
                                 WAIT! What? I know.

Last topic:
........ Here is why I love China: My AC was broken at one a clock in the morning. I called a friend and he went out to find someone to fix it and he did! The electrician came to my apartment holding a couple screw drivers and a hammer. Sooner than I could say "nihao" he was HANGING out of my window (20th floor - nothing to save him if he would fall down) taking a good look at the AC. - he fixed it!

So there are a couple things to blow your mind for now! more every couple days!
Also I miscalculated the number of people living in this town. It is 12 million after all. Only 2 million difference. That is not even that much.

Questions of the day!

Serious question of the day by a student: "Theresa, after your Bachelor are you going to Hollywood and become really famous?"

Not so serious question of the day: "Theresa do you want some of this?" - While holding a stick with duck intestines very close to my mouth.


Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Start: Accepting the Job

I am what you would call obsessed with the Asian culture. I have been to China, Laos and Cambodia a couple times and after the first time traveling down the Mekong river for three months I fell in love with SE Asia so much that I immediately chose to become an Asian Studies major.
I am currently at an American college that offers a five year program with two internships build  in. The goal is to prepare students for the working world and have them graduate with connections. I myself love the American college experience especially because I was raised in Europe.
I am a hard working student with a double major. I love challenges and so applied for my first internship at the German embassy in China. Completely out of my reach I did not get the position. Instead I was accepted to a language school in Shenzhen, China to teach English. My priority is to speak Chinese moderately conversational by the time I get my bachelor so I decided to accept the opportunity. 
Coming from a town with 300'000 inhabitants it seems over powering to move to a city housing 10 million people for six months.
Even though I have traveled a lot by myself for extensive amounts of times I see it as another major challenge and this Blog is my way to cope with what is in front of me. My goal is to get as much experience as possible and to put myself as much out there as possible. That means no western food, no western comforts and no European or American culture. 
My departure date is in roughly two month and I am extremely excited to dive into my next adventure!