Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A few guidelines to the new beginning

I am not quite good at keeping things going that are not always necessarily fun to do. I like to keep my thoughts to myself and try to deal with them in the quietness of my own mind. However, its 2014 and if anything this year promises changes. I want to keep this blog going, post things I am thinking about and make it interactive by including pictures and other things. (As you can tell I haven't thought about this really all that much)

BUT, I generally dislike blog posts dwelling on the greatness of exposing oneself to new worlds and doing new things. Generally no one seems to care anyway so I will try to make this fun for everyone involved and for whomever happens to stumble on this random blog. Here a few rules I will try to keep going throughout the next 6 months:

- SHORT and CLEAR: English is my second language and I just had to deal with advanced english writing in the disciplines for the last 6 months at my university. The comas will be placed at random and I will not spend time editing the hell out of my posts. I will write what is on my mind and not care about the transition of paragraphs.

- ..... I really should have thought about the rules before writing this. But I think that is another thing: I won't be planning my posts all that much and just write as I go.

ANYWAY. You get the picture I think. Here we go!

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