Friday, January 24, 2014

One of the reasons why I love Kunming

Whenever something doesn't work or simply is too good to be true foreigners have the habit to simply say "TIC" (This is China) 
And its true. Rather than getting frustrated about things its easier to just say TIC, because it really concludes the problem. 
Mainly because it is true. It is China. Many forget the history of this place and come with similar expectations to life that they have in their home country. This is simply not possible here. 

However, TIC also includes hilarious things like this picture I took on my way to a shopping mall. Its a guy on an E-Bike transporting two small bushes. He placed one in front of him and one in the back. The fact that he can't see most of the things that are happening around him doesn't seem to bother him. What a trooper. 


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