Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Start: Accepting the Job

I am what you would call obsessed with the Asian culture. I have been to China, Laos and Cambodia a couple times and after the first time traveling down the Mekong river for three months I fell in love with SE Asia so much that I immediately chose to become an Asian Studies major.
I am currently at an American college that offers a five year program with two internships build  in. The goal is to prepare students for the working world and have them graduate with connections. I myself love the American college experience especially because I was raised in Europe.
I am a hard working student with a double major. I love challenges and so applied for my first internship at the German embassy in China. Completely out of my reach I did not get the position. Instead I was accepted to a language school in Shenzhen, China to teach English. My priority is to speak Chinese moderately conversational by the time I get my bachelor so I decided to accept the opportunity. 
Coming from a town with 300'000 inhabitants it seems over powering to move to a city housing 10 million people for six months.
Even though I have traveled a lot by myself for extensive amounts of times I see it as another major challenge and this Blog is my way to cope with what is in front of me. My goal is to get as much experience as possible and to put myself as much out there as possible. That means no western food, no western comforts and no European or American culture. 
My departure date is in roughly two month and I am extremely excited to dive into my next adventure!