Thursday, February 6, 2014

Shaxi Shaxi Shaxi Shaxi Shaxi Shaxi

Shaxi is tucked away deep in the mountains of Yunnan. As you know it is quite the trip to get to this place, but its well worth it. I love this place, because its one of the last villages that is more or less untouched by tourism (even though I was shocked how many Chinese tourists are here currently). The local government has definitely realized the potential and is building all these new buildings and making it more "suitable" for tourism. I think thats really sad, because it takes away from the original charm and most locals are actually also not all that happy. few want the actual development. I live outside the old town though, which is just super nice.
Shaxi used to be an important stop on the tea road way back when. It grew very rich and the local elite could effort to build all these beautiful temples in the area and these amazing courthouses in the center of old town.
Wandering down the few streets of the small old town make you think you are in 1346 just taking a stroll around. (and also wonder how all this survived the cultural revolution...)
The locals are incredibly friendly and its been a true bliss being by myself. When I eat I usually sit outside and just wait for someone to sit down next to me and start talking.
The receptionist at my hotel invited me to her home yesterday and cooked me dinner. This morning I met the other couple staying at the hotel and they offered right away to drive me back to Kunming on Saturday. (This cuts the travel time down by at least 6 hours) I mean .... can it be any better???

It has been truly wonderful. Tomorrow is the big market and I can't wait to go early in the morning.  Here some pictures... They are pretty self-explanatory, so I am just going to let you look at them.

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