Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Arts & Crafts for Language Students in China

One would say my talent is not to create art so my arts & crafts abilities are close to zero. HOWEVER, I do make some mean flashcards and here I will teach you the very essential (and one of a kind steps) to making yours as perfect as mine. 
I believe in flashcards more than any other study techniques. People are using apps these days to simplify the process, but that takes away the most important part: writing it down. 
Over the past 4 college years I must have written more than 1000 flashcards for all my subjects. Here is how you do it:

1.) What you need: Paper, Scissors, Words in a foreign language, pen & for the really sophisticated and advanced: a clip to hold them together.  (if you are anywhere else in the world you can buy flashcards, but my local super market doesn't have them and I am too lazy to look for them anywhere else):

I like to use paper with funny cover pages

2.) Take the paper and fold into 8 equally big squares (equal is the key here): 

3.) Cut (carrrrrrrrefully) along the folded lines (Concentration is key): 

4.) Write your strange sounding words on one side and the translation on the other side: 

5.) Be way too proud of your flashcards that you have accumulated over the past 3 weeks........ 

6.) Realize that you are total looser and that you should post more sophisticated things on your blog....... CHINGLISH

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