Saturday, February 15, 2014

Culture Differences (or: what on earth is going on here?)

I think  a lot of people are not quite aware of how far I am away from the western culture. On my very first trip to Asia in 2010 I was handed these pictures by my instructors in order to under stand what on earth is going on in China.
It is really difficult to describe the exact difference between the west and China, but I think these images do it justice. The artist's name is Yang Liu and she grew up in both China and Germany. She also was faced with the same issue that she couldn't quite put into words what exactly was so different. And since someone very smart once said 'a picture is worth more than a thousand words' I am just going to add some of the pictures to this post for you to check out. There are many more and many people have posted them on their blogs so just google her if you would like to find more!



Sundays on the Street

Shower Time

Noise at the Restaurant

Showing of Emotions 


My Personal Favorite: Animals

Standing in Line 

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