Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bonding With a Baby Camel

Yesterday, I went to the dessert and spent the night between dunes, which was pretty awesome, but cold cold cold. 
Before that I went to the biggest natural stone arch in the world, which was also pretty impressive. You had to hike up a bit to get there, but me, an Israeli hiker we picked up along the road, and my guide were the only ones up there besides some Sichuanese construction workers who were sadly in the process of making the place more accessible to lazy tourists. 

The most awesome thing though was that I rode through the dessert on a camel. (Really uncomfortable by the way. I think hiking would be the better option I think) However, I was riding on a female camel, which had just given birth two months earlier and the baby was following its mother everywhere. I obviously bonded with the baby camel. 

It was a great moment as I am sure you can tell. 

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