Saturday, March 1, 2014

I am Fine

For anyone worried about my well being: I am totally fine. 
The attacks happened in the train station, which is far away from my dorm. However, this does not make the issue less worrying. The victims' testimonies are terrifying and I can't imagine what triggered such a horrendous attack. 

For anyone interested here the article on the attacks: 


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  1. Hi Theresa, was speaking to your Mum on the phone this morning and she was telling me (praising!) your blog...she sent me it and I'm hooked! Before I opened it Imhad just heard from a friend about the attack in the railway station, not realisng you were 'close by' ....thank goodness you're safe. You seem to be having a ball, taking in and enjoying everything. Hut Ab as they say in German