Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Love Poem To China

This is my first ever attempt to write a poem so be kind with your judgments. I first wanted to make it funny, but then I realized I really have not the rhyming talent to make that happen. After this past week I just felt like writing this. So I give you: A Love Poem To China!

 We first met in August 2010
I was all so young & unexperienced back then.
When I first met you I thought it couldn't be true
something so interesting & foreign, I had no clue! 
You sucked me in & didn't let me go
& influenced me like no one else had done so. 

Everyday you teach me something new 
& never ask me to give something to you. 
You teach me more than my university could every do,
but I will never understand you as much as I would like to. 
In Shenzhen you nearly killed me five times over, 
but look at me: I would to it all over! 

Shenzhen has strained the love between me & you
but eventually my stomach learned to love laduzi too. 
Yunnan has won my heart by giving me lotus root, 
but at home no one understands and thinks I am a hoot! 
Your charm works on me every time 
&  when I am far my body aches for your hand in mine. 

You have shown me polluted lakes & toxic rivers far & wide, 
but also nature so beautiful that leaves me in awe I cannot hide.
For every over-crowded & noisy city 
you have shown me valleys isolated & pretty.
Not even the best of the best know what you really do, 
but I guess that's what keeps me so hooked unto you. 

Who knows how long our relationship will last,
but I'm not worried, because I know I'll be happy even if it's in the past. 
So I would like to give a toast
to everyone who has been by my side, but to you the most: 
Thank you for everything you have done
& now drink up because there is plenty more to come! 


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